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CCAMP Deluxe Rooftop Tent

CCAMP Deluxe Rooftop Tent
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Deluxe Rooftop Tent - Pre Order and Save $300

The Deluxe Rooftop Tent is the perfect way to experience the outdoors in comfort and style.This lightweight and durable tent sets up in seconds, providing a spacious and secure sleeping space for two+. With its Deluxe features and all-weather protection, the Deluxe Rooftop Tent is ideal for camping trips of all kinds.

Weight: 75 kg
Internal Size: 2100 L * 1420 W * 1500 H mm
External Size: 2100 L * 1420 W * 200 mm
Material: 280g Polyester Cotton / Waterproof 3000
Zipper: SBS

Included on Deluxe Rooftop Tent:

  • Roof Racks
  • Anti-condensation mat
  • Telescope ladder
  • LED lighting
  • USB Plugs 

Benefits of Deluxe Rooftop Tent:

  • The sturdy aluminum frame provides durability and stability in all weather conditions.
  • The weatherproof construction ensures that you and your gear stay dry and comfortable, even in the heaviest rain or snow.
  • The LED light bar provides illumination inside the tent, making it easy to find what you need in the dark.
  • The roof rack provides additional storage space for your gear.
  • The Comfort Plus mattress ensures a comfortable night's sleep.
  • The unique locking system keeps your gear safe and secure.
  • The six roof mounted storage pockets provide convenient storage for smaller items.
  • The telescopic ladder makes it easy to access the tent interior.
  • The scissor frame sporting system maximizes the interior space, giving you more room to move around.
  • The tail pack up with ventilated window allows you to enjoy the outdoors while still having access to your gear.
  • The flush finish on the side channel minimizes wind resistance and gives the tent a sleek and streamlined appearance.
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